About me

Don’t want to send your labor of love off to a complete stranger? I completely understand that!

A little bit about me, to reassure you:

I’m a responsible adult with a long history of reliably meeting deadlines in high-pressure deadline-driven industries (print media, film, and television), and enjoy working with creative and detail-obsessed folks (great minds think alike).

I’m a life-long maker, from sewing doll clothes to my own clothes to costuming actors, from  drawing and painting  to printmaking and  collage, from crochet and weaving to knitting, but quilting and garment sewing are my life-long passions. I studied design for the theatre, focusing on costume design, and received my BFA with college and University honors from the School of Drama at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA.  Diploma in hand, I went west to make my mark in Hollywood (note the sarcasm). I worked on low-budget indies and big-budget comedies, but I was bitten by the quilting bug and found my true passion editing quilting and sewing books for C&T Publishing.

After 5 years working in an office, I’m spreading my wings outside to work as a freelance technical editor with a wide variety of creative professionals, like you!